About Us

The Toledo Scholarship and Academic Achievement Recognition Association (Toledo Scholarship) was established as a 501(c)3, in the mid 1980s by then Toledo High School Principal Dennis Clark and Counselor Vince Konigsberger after creating a successful achievement and recognition program, called the Toledo High School Renaissance Program.

A few years later, Mr. Clark and Mr. Konigsberger were approached by Connie Davis to establish an endowment scholarship in memory of her late husband Lonnie Davis. Mr. Davis attended Toledo High School, and despite graduating elsewhere, remained connected with his Toledo community friends. Following the Lonnie Davis Memorial Scholarship, 7 other endowments were established with the association. They are: Lois and Cecil Olsen Scholarship, Larry and Denny Cole Scholarship, Evelyn Grace Mackey Scholarship, Class of 1957 Scholarship, The Ramsey Family Scholarship, The Luther M. Asper Memorial Scholarship and the Robert C. Clark Scholarship.

Toledo Scholarship, is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide scholarships and academic recognition for students who graduate from Toledo School District and pursue higher education. Scholarships are awarded to students from endowments, non-endowed annual scholarships, and from generous donations by community members to the Toledo Community Scholarship fund. To learn more about these scholarship or how you can help, please visit our “GIVE” page.

In addition to giving scholarships to graduating seniors from Toledo School District, Toledo Scholarship is committed to recognizing and celebrating all the achievements of the seniors at the Toledo Awards and Recognition Night. Toledo Scholarship hosts the Toledo Awards and Recognition, each year prior to graduation. The event brings together seniors, their families, school faculty, and scholarship donors to celebrate student achievement.

Toledo Scholarship is managed by a collaborative effort between the Toledo School District staff and community volunteers. Current officers are: President, Sheila Richardson, Vice President, Dennis Clark, Treasurer, Patti Bowen, Financial Officer, Lisa Jasper Hull, and board members Semra Stanley and Amber Buck.  Several other community members serve on The Toledo Community Scholarship Committee as financial committee and  selection committee members. Endowments are managed with assistance from a local professional investment firm.